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After five years of hard work, networking professional & amateur communities & a high level of commitment & engagement; all this lead to the success & expansion of Biker Zone.

Biker Zone up scaled from a two-wheel event to a hub for all outdoor, adventure & underground sports & hobbies.

Biker Zone became an annual destination for communities, groups & families to join a dedicated themed atmosphere. Off-roaders, stunters, paragliding, jeepers, American football, Frisbee, roller derby, RC, capoeira, parkour & kayaking. In addition to under ground bands & entertainment which added to the flavor of Biker Zone.

In its 6th edition, Biker Zone transformed to EXIT Zone. Allowing our audience to emphasize their EXIT from their daily routine & responsibilities. Your EXIT may be anything starting from reading a book, all the way to sky diving.

Yet, all of us need to know our EXIT. Enjoy it & make time for it. Do you know your EXIT?!

See you in November 2019 @ EXIT Zone!

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